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The Wrong People
Christmas Gatherings

The Right People
Christmas Gatherings

Bateman's originality is generally agreed to be based on the way he drew people not as they looked but as they felt. If we are embarrassed we say we feel very small. Bateman took such a phrase literally. 

H.M. Bateman (1887-1970) was one of the foremost British cartoonists of the early 20th century. A Bateman drawing is frequently characterised by an immensely expressive and rhythmical line with characters convulsed by the intensity of their emotions. In 'The Man Who' cartoons individuals, through ignorance, impudence or folly, do 'The Thing that Isn't Done' and draw the wrath or derision of society down upon their heads. For example, 'The Guardsman Who Dropped it' or 'The Shop Assistant Who Lost His Temper'.  GK Chesterton described him as the Master of Wild Exactitude.

The Cartoon Arts Trust holds a unique set of 66 of 'The Man Who' cartoons. These appeared as colour double page spreads in The Tatler in the 1920s and 30s during one of most glamorous periods of its history.

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